Cleansui is an internationally renowned brand of water filters and purifiers. With advanced filtration technologies and proprietary materials, Cleansui has grown to be the better choice for water filtration products in Japan. And now that same technology is available in Sri Lanka a product from Mitsubishi Rayon Cleansui Co. Ltd Japan

The Cleansui product range includes a product for every need, from under sink systems to portable jugs and on-tap units. Many of the market-leading water filtration brands only offer an activated carbon filtration process, removing larger particles but leaving behind a range of dangerous microscopic contaminants such as bacteria, algae, fungi and rust in your drinking water. Cleansui's filtration process incorporates a proprietary hollow fiber membrane filter which effectively removes all of these microscopic particles. This unique and advanced filtration system ensures high level performance, removing minute particles as small as 0.1 micrometer from your drinking water, whilst retaining healthy minerals.

Say goodbye to unwanted chemicals and bacteria in your drinking water, because Cleansui means clean water every time

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